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Fake news: Peddlers are only interested in Website traffic –Mimi Atedze

A recent report in the UK Guardian said older people are almost four times more likely to have shared fake news on Facebook than the younger generation, according to research published in the journal Science.

During the 2016 US presidential election, journalists began noticing a rash of viral made-up stories on Facebook.

Bizarrely, many of the pages appeared to be posted by people from the Balkans and, after BuzzFeed reported on an unusual cluster of pages, reporters flocked to a small town called Veles in Macedonia.

“The Americans loved our stories and we make money from them,” one faker told the BBC. “Who cares if they are true or false?”

Nigeria is no different from what is happening around the world and how Fake news is shaping so many lives and things across the world.

Recall that there was a viral report 2016/2017 when the rumor filtered in on Social media that President Muhammadu Buhari had died, there were all sorts of pictures going round, audio and fake videos to buttress the claim and many adults kept sharing it until he appeared in a photo with members of his party and leaders af the National Assembly who visited him in London.

National Assembly Leaders during a visit to President Buhari in London in 2017

Fake news has truly found its way into our lives and as many media organisations try to battle the menace, many others, mostly online bloggers believe sharing the story first whether it is true or not is the first thing just for the share and likes.

Blogger @juliet_mimi of Fabmimi Blog speaking on the Bumper Breakfast, a morning show on MiTV that “it is wrong to share stories without verifying the source or content because what you are sharing could be wrong or a likes”.

FabMimi on the set of Bumper Breakfast on MiTV

According to her, “many bloggers don’t care, they are only interested in the Likes and Share which increases the traffic for them and Google pays them for that so they are truly not interested in what the true story is.

She particularly decried the situation where some persons posted that a certain clergyman had died and she got confirmation that the man was alive but people kept posting R.I.P on the particular story and post.

“We need to activate our self-censorship mode because things are no longer what they used to be, you write a story that is false about someone and you can be sued so people need to be responsible with the things they write and be responsible for whatever they put out on their social media handles.

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