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Demand more of politicians, activists tell Nigerians

The representatives of Our Mumu Don Do have said that it is important that Nigerians demand a social contract from candidates seeking political office henceforth, and not be satisfied by just promises during the campaign season.

Our Mumu Don Do has been on a social reawakening drive over the past two years.  

“All the political parties are always saying is what they will do for themselves; what has always been missing is the interest of the common man. It’s time to demand a social contract from the politicians, one that demands a commitment to the interest of the common Nigerian,” says Adebayo Raphael, when he and some other members of the movement were guests on The Daily Report on Sttr 101.5 FM in Lagos.

Party of the rich and poor

Speaking further, he made it clear that there are actually two parties in Nigeria: the stealing elite who have stolen the peoples’ commonwealth blind and then the rest of us.

“The rich, ruling elite have failed on delivering on every promise that they have made to the common people of this country,” he Adebayo added. “They have failed to provide leadership, they have failed to provide accountability and transparency, And that is why we are here to say that enough is enough. We are saying that it is time for Nigerians to now begin to care about themselves, to stop making fruitless sacrifices, for them to demand a social contract from politicians.”

And what is a social contract? Adebayo explained: “What we are saying is that rather than sell your vote, demand for a mutually benefitting agreement where obligations are defined for both parties, where the politician says what he pledges to do and the people will say okay, we are going to bless you with the power of our vote and assess you when you get to that office.”

Sam Ayedogbon, Coordinator of Catalyst for Peace and Justice, is happy that Nigeria and Nigerians are not where they used to be but sad that they are also far from where they ought to be, owing to bad leadership and misplaced priorities.

“Nigerians are being treated in much the same way that someone would treat his gateman. We don’t know enough about how the country is run — we are not being carried along. They don’t believe we deserve the basic things of life.

They feel like we are ignorant and that we don’t know our rights. They capitalise on the ignorance of the people,” he said.

Office of the citizen

According to him, that’s why the initiators floated Our Mumu Don Do movement, which rides on the ideology that to bring change among a critical mass you have to begin with a small group, one at a time.

“How can we awaken and mobilise the people? Through Our Mumu Don Do and the social contract, we are saying ‘Na we be government, not APC, not PDP or any of the other parties,” he went on. “The power and the sovereignty reside in the people and the office of the citizens of Nigeria does not expire. The politician will run out his term but the citizens remain. So we are saying let’s empower the citizen, let’s promote the Office of the Citizen. That is where the real power is.”  

Taking the idea of the two party structure further, Madmo, another member of the movement in the studio, says that one party (the elite) has sense and the other one (the masses) is a mumu.

A case for youthful leaders

“That’s why we are here to tell this mumu — all the young people especially — that it is time for their mumu to do. How long will you keep your mumu going like this? How is it that you are following these parties that are like siamese twins. If we successfully carry out this contract, I bet you it will be a complete turnaround in our political process,” he argues.

“At a time when we have 31-year-olds ruling in other climes, here we have grandfathers who should be at home resting ruling us. As a Nigerian in his early 40s, I should be determining what is happening in this country. There should be a contract like we have in everyday life: like when you take a bus, a conductor charges you a fee to take you to where you are going. Na you dey vote, na you dey die, na you no dey get light; these people if anything happen, they go to UK.”

Weighing in on the various issues, founder of the movement, Charly Boy (aka Area Fada) says the entire system has failed and needs committed and urgent repair, but that the fixers won’t come from the current crop of politicians,

“The people wey go fix dis country, dem fit no reach 10 or 15 — dey go come from among us and I be number one. And these guys in the studio can do it.”

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