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“Sex is like an atom bomb. A potent weapon which fascinates and frightens. We’re afraid to let it loose, yet we all have our finger on the button.”
-Zeena Schreck (Cuir Underground: Sado-Magic for Satan Interview, 1998)

Vacationing in The Netherlands for me came with a lot of urge to explore and I just hopped on the Train, the Tram or a Bus and even the Bike, just to get to where I wanted to be and it was a great experience added to my official responsibility that actually brought me to the country.

One of the most spectacular places I visited was the Erotic Museum in the heart of Amsterdam and I could only conclude why many tourists who visit the country choose to oscillate around Amsterdam because it is simply the city that never goes to sleep with it’s beehive of activities.

It is described as an old warehouse in the middle of Red Light District, with an always-lit neon above the entry, which says – “Erotic Museum”.

Inside, you find a shop with erotica souvenirs and on the three floors up – an exhibit, more about the Red Light District itself, than about eroticism. You are bound to find a room of the Red Light District prostitute with the wax figure of the working girl inside and a model of the cashier of the famous Casa Rosso Live Show Theater.

I was taken aback and the history of prostitution rushed over me like the waves from a raging sea, the effects of what I saw inside this museum overwhelmed me because the human anatomy was laid bare for all to see and understand why sex is the sweetest thing created.

You will find in there, a collection of the old erotic photographs, an interesting series of John Lennon’s lithographs and a compact collection of erotic art. I was in awe when I beheld huge cast of a Penis towering above me with it’s balls big enough for me to sit on comfortably!

In a separate room with walls painted like in a kindergarten, a projection of the animated “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” but in a version, which could never be shown in any of the Disney attraction parks, next to a vending machine selling the most unusual condoms you may imagine.

Sexual fetish in it’s full glamour

The room had casings and enclosures that gave you an insight into some of the sex fetishes that have been used over time and still in use today. There were pictures of men and women from different parts of the world who were part of the prostitution empire in the Netherlands all displaying very artistic sexual styles that couples can imbibe to get the best out of their sex lives.

The chains and shackles used in the early centuries to give sexual pleasures!

Of interest to me were the drawings or paintings on the wall, showing how big, huge and satisfying the penis of the African man is, Black, strong and erect in it’s full glory. There was a chair fitted with a huge penis and a soft pallet to stimulate the clitoris and give a woman pleasure when her man was away! The turgidity of the black penis was truly on display at the museum!

The Erotic Museum simply strips you naked, taking you all the way down to the workings of your emotional and true self!

Let me leave you with some imaginations and something to chew on!

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