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Career Woman: Staying on Top is not a destination but a journey -Akande

When pursuing career goals, there is a tendency to be constantly pulled in different directions.

At some point in your journey, you are questioning yourself if you are on the right path, no matter how many years you have toiled to get where you are.

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions across in different parts of the world, with varying percentages at all levels.

For women who have been through it all, telling the story and giving a few tips about how to navigate and stay on top is something they always love to do, to encourage other women.

One of Nigeria’s successful career woman, offers insights into how to manage success at the top.

Mrs Nike Akande is a Nigerian economist, accountant and industrialist who served as the President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and honorary life Vice-President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture.

She became Nigeria’s first female Minister of Industry after she was appointed twice in December 1997 and August 1998 under the Sani Abacha-led administration.

Mrs Akande was also a delegate at the 2014 National Conference and member of Nigeria Vision 2010 and Vision 20:2020.

What does it really mean to be at the top and stay there?

She says “staying on top has many variants but remember it depends on what you are searching for in life and you must remember that it is not every accomplishment that leads you to the top”.

For Mrs Akande, “staying on top to most people is when you have an ongoing string of accomplishments and when put together they amount to success, it means you have to remember those who were instrumental to you getting to the top, it is about giving back to your community which has actually become part of our lives”.

She goes on to say that “if you have achieved much you must try and give back to your community so that people will always remember and be grateful to you. In other words you must let your success radiate to your community”

This career woman, Mrs Akande stressed that you must also live an exemplary life so that people can see that there is something to emulate, qualities that are truly worthy of emulating and results that can be seen to be replicated in other people’s lives.

Her other tips include being very cautious of what you do as a career woman at the top because anything you do or say will be used against you.

As a role model, the former Minister of Industry says “you must be a disciplined person because it is a very important ingredient to stay at the top of your career”

“Above all be firm about what you can and cannot do and say it to the person so that you don’t help them build false expectations. Staying on top is not a destination but a journey” she ended with a smile on her face.

This interview was first aired on Woman of Substance with Ify Onyegbule

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