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How PA to Lagos Deputy Governor’s Wife Remi Hamzat harassed and Smashed the phone of The Daily Report’s Staff

Sunday July 14 was a day set aside by LASPARK to plant trees in its bid to combat climate change.

The GM of LASPARK had been on the sister show of the Daily Report, The Bumper Breakfast on MiTVwhere she talked about the initiative and invited the anchor of the show Ms. Ify Onyegbule to join the invited guests for the exercise.

In line with reporting the activities of the Lagos state government, a staff of the Daily Report, Mr Pelu Awofeso took it upon himself to attend the event to cover the story for the Daily Report.

His efforts at getting his job done was marred by the overzealous P.A to the wife of the Deputy Governor who snatched his phone because he was taking a picture of Mrs Remi Hamzat as she made to plant a tree during the exercise.

Mr Pelu Awofeso gives an account of what happened below…

So I was at the Oregun Recreation Park on Sunday 14 July for the Lagos State Tree Planting Day. The wife of the Deputy Governor, Mrs Remi Hamzat, was the special guest representing wife of the governor. 

I got there as she was rounding off her speech (a message from HE Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu). 

Then she moved to the designated location for the ceremonial tree planting with the other dignitaries.

I brought out my phone to take photos and shoot a few clips for the story I planned to write for our online platform The Daily Report.

To my utmost shock, Mrs Hamzat’s PA reached out snatched my phone and hit it to the ground, saying smartphone recordings was not allowed.

“You have to get a proper camera like the other journalists,” she said, unperturbed that she had just damaged my phone. 

My argument that as a reporter for an online platform, all I needed was my smartphone fell on deaf ears.

“She is my principal, you can’t use your phone with her,” she snapped at me rudely and turned away.

I was shell shocked. At this time I had taken some photos and recorded a short clip. 

Of course, I could no longer continue with the assignment. I simply stood aside and observed the rest of the proceedings. 

I couldn’t believe that in this day and age, an aide to a top government official would not realize that there is such a thing as smartphone journalism.

Over the years, journalists have had to cope with assaults by the police and military. To now see the same coming from an aide (a civilian at that) is quite a new low.

But we are trained to get the job done. We (The Daily Report) still did the story regardless.

The Executive Producer of the Daily Report has decided to take the matter up with the office of the Deputy Governor.

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Bruce July 16, 2019 at 9:28 pm

Go to court for assault and malicious damage.
She is an overzealous public servant and must be taught a lesson to mind her bit.
That’s lawlessness.


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