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TRUST is the most important aspect of any nation -Mathias Tsado

Our greatest asset was the trust and confidence of the people. These were the words of Lee Kuan Yew in his famous book third world to first. Whenever communication breaks down in a relationship, the relationship becomes strained or ultimately falls apart, this you see in relationships of different types.

Trust is built by a proper communication between two individuals or group of individuals or even between nations. In our country today, there is no iota of trust between the people and the government and the government isn’t even making any effort to build one, its indeed clear that they care less about this all important asset as mentioned by the father of the modern Singapore in his testimony.

Its important for all to know that there are certain timeless and universal principles of nature that cannot be broken, one of such is that two people can never work together except they agreed.

Perhaps someone would say that we do not necessarily need to love ourselves but we must accept ourselves at least to make any meaningful progress as a team, when a football match is being played the players must agree to work (play) together to achieve their goal of winning the match, the striker cannot score if the midfielders don’t pass the ball to him and if the defenders don’t do their own part, no matter how many goals the striker scores, their opponent is likely to score more.

There is nothing in the world that is as powerful as a tightly packed team of highly spirited people who have built trust and confidence in each other, they are often rugged and determined to face any challenge that come their way with an unbroken spirit, the truth is that, they always win.

Leaders who understand the importance of the people in their quest to achieve anything great often come out tops on the achievement ladder. The people make them winners and they in turn make the people winners, it’s a very interesting cycle of prosperity.

One of the critical components of building Nigeria today is the restoration of public trust. Our people must feel the genuine love flow from their leaders to them, there must be a proper and constant communication between the government and the people, but this can only happen if the government is honestly interested in the people, there is no way this kind of communication can be built on pretence and deception.

A leader must show genuine concern for his people both in words, actions and body language, a leader must be fair to all not just in words but must be a matter of policy and principle, he or she must purge him/herself from any parochial sentiments and be broad minded to accommodate all regardless of the creed and tongue.

The United nations report recently showed that Nigeria is more divided now than ever, this is not unconnected to the ways which the president has gone about his appointments and handling of some sensitive national issues. Until we do a proper diagnosis of our problems, trying to find a lasting solution to our problems would remain an impossible task. In project management, having a clear understanding of what the issue is is the number one technique in problem solving, at this level one must also put into consideration the fact that people have different views about the problem, its important that all views are collected and are analyzed for a proper understanding between the interested parties.

Its upon this that we can begin to shop for ideas from within and outside the box. I strongly recommend that the leaders of Nigeria begin to look for a way to rebuild or build trust between themselves and the people (citizens) this remains the foundation on which we can start the rebuilding of our broken relationship.

I suggest the media team of the president be changed to professional public relations experts, and give carry out weekly media briefing in an effort to establish communication between the two parties, this would go along way to fix so many things in our country, but like I mentioned earlier, this can only be built on genuine, sincere desire to mend fences and build trust between the government and the people.

The speech of the president on the 12th of June should contain an apology for not delivering a speech on the inauguration day, the president should prepare to take responsibility and do away with blaming others, honestly that is becoming boring even to his closest admirers.

The start of the new dispensation should have not started with the president jumping out of the country, but that is like water under the bridge now, I’m a going forward kind of guy, let’s look for a way forward to move the country forward, but it would have to come from the position of commitment from the leaders of the country.

Nigeria is still like a beautiful bride, we can still build this estate into a tower of prosperity for all, only if we become a tightly United for a common purpose.

Mathias Tsado was a former Presidential Aspirant in the 2019 General Election

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