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For the people of Isuti and Totowu communities, the challenge of commuting from one end to the other has been a huge burden

Residents have lived for years without good roads and the basic amenities of life coupled with crossing from one end of the river to the other for their day to day activities.

These 2 communities are divided by a body of water that takes 10mins to cross over by speed boat but that too comes with its own challenge because the boats do not only ferry people across but also carry heavy appliances and machines like a motorcycle amongst other things.

“No light, no roads, no water to drink and cook and if we must buy and sell, we have to cross over the water to go to Lagos to do our small small business” a trader and resident Ramat Ibrahim said.

“Because of the nature of this area and the hardship, our family members and even husbands only come home once in a while and we have been in this condition for over 10years”

A clear observation during an investigation showed that people, adults and children alike move on the boats without a life jacket and that leaves one wondering what the situation will be when there is an accident on the boat.

Last month, there was an incident where a boat coming from CMS and heading to Ikorodu in Lagos capsized and 5 persons lost their lives in the process.

For the people of Totowu and Isuti, the Lagos and Ogun state governments are enjoined to come to their aid and provide them with a bridge, schools, markets, clinics and portable water to cushion the effects of what they face daily in their community.

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