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{Pictures} Flooding: Oworonshoki Resident Calls The Attention of Gov. Sanwo-olu

An ardent listener of the audience participation programme, The Daily Report on Star 101.5FM has sent in a letter complaining about the roads and Flooding in his area with the hope that the Lagos State Government under Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu will swing into action and do something fast.

Find below his complaints.

Good day Mrs Ify Onyegbule,

I am a regular  listener of your programme “Daily Report” 7pm-8pm each day of the week.

I have no doubt that your  programme on Radio will assist is in drawing the Attention of the Lagos State Government in our  community with regards to incessant flooding problems whenever it rains.

The problem was  occasioned by the reclaimation of the land vide Sand filling along the Third Mainland Axis of Oworoshoki Community by the previous Adminstration of Governor Ambode, in years 2017/2018.

It is pertinent to inform you of the following to enable you understand why and how the recent incessant flooding came about.

1.The flooding problem affects such places like Idera street by Olopomeji axis, Taiwo street, Adebare street, Toluwalase street, Ososa street, Ojileru street and Oja-Oba street linking Oba of Oworoshoki’s palace.

2.Prominent among the consequences of the Sand filling along the Third Mainland Axis in oworonshoki was a total blockage of the flow of water from the Canal into the Lagoon and therefore the water remaining Stagnant on the streets mentioned above.

3. The Canal which ran through the above streets to the Lagoon had previously been assisting in draining all the water in oworonshoki Community but was also blocked by the Sand filling project and abandoned by the Contractors.

4. The frequent flooding has made the roads leading to virtually all the streets impassable because the roads are always water lodged.

5. It will also interest you to note that before the reclamation /Sand filling project was commenced in June/July 2017 all the streets mention above were in good passable conditions. 

It is therefore our strong believe that if the Canal linking the Lagoon from Olopomeji end, is reconstructed and properly channelled by removing all the blockages (no refuse dumps) will restore the previous normalcy to the roads and deflood the area completely.

On behalf of the residents of the above-named streets, I thereupon the foregoings passionately appeal to your Radio Station to assist us in bringing the present predicament of the entire Oworonshoki Community to the notice of the Lagos State Government.

I thank you so much in advance of your Cooperation and assistance.

I hereby attached the following in support of our report.

Thank you 


This is hoping that the above comes to the attention of the Lagos State Government so they can truly look into the complaints.

Please share and tag someone who can pull the strings to make things happen.

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