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There Is Nothing Wrong With Nigerian Products

I remember travelling to Brazil years ago and i remember going to the open market to buy an adapter that could help me charge my phones and laptop. I got there and was shown 2 types…the person selling said to me…this is imported and this is made in Brazil…the prices were almost the same so i was in Brazil and i went for Made in Brazil! Today i have that adapter and it works for me whenever i step out to Europe.

Before i left Rio, i checked out some malls for last minute shopping and i was told the same thing…same looking goods, Made in Brazil and the “foreign”. I remember pricing a pair of frames for my glasses and the price for the foreign one was slightly, not significantly higher than the Made in Brazil…what the heck? I bought it…and other things i had to buy and they made sense be cause they truly “served” me!

Where am i going with my story? I have read all sorts about this car here that Mercy Eke won and the trash coming out of the dirty traps of many, trying to have a headache about the price and i ask…what is your business? How can you sit behind your desk and decide what this car should cost?

Many who slander the girl and diss this car have never driven a new car in their lives and never will, many dont even have a side mirror talkless of a car and you keep the negativity burning??? Haba this is the last stage of witchcraft i tell you!

You struggle to jump on buses day and night sweating like a goat, get back home to soak garri and epa and you diss someone whom God has smiled on and her fortune changed? Shamelessness is your lot!

For real i believe some people are suffering from what Chukwuma Soludo called the “signs of the bleaching syndrome” where you think everything imported or made abroad is better than what is made or manufactured here in Nigeria!

You mean the car should be N1million because it is Made in Nigeria?

I am sure no one will believe there are made in Nigeria customized bags that cost N500k and above…truly made in Nigeria bags…yes and they are made for Nigerians who know the worth…! Just visit and see things for yourself biko.

Stop your madness and shut up if you have nothing good to say about people and their success!

Did i tell you i looked for the “Brazillian hair” extensions that was driving many crazy back home and i was told there is nothing like Brazillian human hair😁 and that only pointed me to the fact that Nigerians come up with all sorts just to belong!

on one of the Marcopolo buses during my trip to Rio in 2012

Change your ways o…tomorrow you blame Buhari even when it is obvious that you are the person not capable of thinking right!

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