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Phil Ushie Calls For Continuous Supervision of Today’s Broadcasters

By Charles Kalu

Ace broadcaster, Phil Ushie says one of the best ways to ensure quality broadcasting is continuous supervision of what is going on air at any given time.

He believes that continuous monitoring puts practitioners on check and make them do the right thing.

Mr Ushie who was chatting with The Daily Report editorial team in their interview series entitled; Candid Conversations in Lagos notes that broadcasting just like any other profession had its norms and protocols.

“Not every presenter is a broadcaster. Not every presenter or O.A.P. is an Announcer. An Announcer for me is the proper term for someone who has gone through a certain process of training. If a doctor presents a health programme it does not make him an OAP or a broadcaster. If a hairdresser comes talking about hairdressing and beauty care, that person is not a broadcaster”.

Phil Ushie who said he was already headed for the medical school in the late seventies but ventured into broadcasting as a stop gap expressed concern over the unprofessional attitude of present day broadcasters in the studio.

“Today’s Broadcasters yank off music at will. It’s very offensive. How can you do that? In my time, it could cause you a suspension or very serious reprimand”

He stressed that such mistakes or anomalies can easily be dealt with during presentation clinics or post mortem which according to him, “helped smoothen out the rough edges”.

Phil Ushie said he doesn’t see himself as a veteran broadcaster as claimed by several other young practitioners noted that it was “ a big and serious responsibility to be on the roaster for news reading”.

According to Ushie; “News reading or news presentation has a style. What I hear these days can hardly be described as news presentation. The key feature and character of news presentation is “attack”. News presentation has its elegance. It has a culture that is unmistakable”

Phil Ushie is retired but not tired said he is open to helping any station interested in his broadcast expertise.

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